Fine Vintage is one of the best wine school organizations in the world. In 2012 we won The Riedel trophy for WSET Educator of the Year which is the most sought-after award amongst wine schools. We compete against over 500 other schools around the world, and won based on our student’s results, the quality of the courses we run, our size and growth, our administrative efficiency, and several other factors.

Additionally, our courses are endorsed by The University of British Columbia and we have won awards with them for Continuing Studies. Therefore, you can be assured that when you take a course from Fine Vintage you are in good hands.

Jancis Robinson MW - world's leading wine educator

"When people tell me they want to get into the wine trade, or simply advance their wine knowledge for their personal enjoyment, I always draw their attention to the WSET courses."

Judith Ince - general interest

Like all great teachers, James Cluer's passion for his subject is matched by his encyclopedic knowledge of it. Warm, witty and eloquent, James helps students master the art of tasting, understanding, and appreciating wine. Any student lucky enough to take his courses will drink exceptional wines, learn about them in a relaxed environment, and develop skills to discuss them.

Brianne Bury, Manager, Calibrium Wine Imports

I took all three levels of the WSET courses and successfully passed them all. Working in the wine trade I have met with and worked with many well educated wine experts, but have to say hands down that the Fine Vintage courses are by far the BEST. Not only were the classes extremely thorough, they were fun with a little humor. I would recommend Fine Vintage to anyone and everyone.

Julianne Graham - Calgary

I had the good fortune to have Marnie as an instructor for WSET levels 2 and 3.  I found her to be very professional with an ability to encourage with heart.  Her enthusiasm and passion for wine is infectious and admirable.  She showed tremendous respect for her students and was always willing to make herself available for questions or clarification.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have had her as an instructor.

Sarah Mehus - Calgary

I have recently completed the Level 3 WSET course; what an amazing experience!  I have to admit, it had much to do with my instructor Marnie Harfield.  You know how you can always remember that one teacher from school that changed your life?  That's Marnie.  She teaches with such passion and energy it's hard not to be excited to go to class.  I work in the wine retail industry and my confidence has sky rocketed.  Not only is Marnie engaging but she challenges you too, always interested to hear your thoughts.

Meghan Mallen - Vancouver

I have taken courses from Lynn Coulthard, and was so impressed that a small group of fellow Diploma students hired her to give us private tuition.  Lynn is laid back, very approachable, and she sure knows her stuff.



If you want to know more about wine, why not sign up for a WSET course that's recognized by the world's top wine experts? The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a London-based program offered in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Kelowna, Penticton, Yukon, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego and the Napa Valley through Fine Vintage Ltd. The instructors include some of the best-known names in the wine industry. Wine courses by Fine Vintage Ltd are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Illinois, Florida, Nevada and California.