Fine Vintage Courses

The Business of Wine:

We offer a course on the Business of Wine. It is suited to those people interested in getting into the wine industry, starting a business, or developing their current career. Just one of the ideas we present could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars so taking the course is a very small investment . There are no pre-requisites to take this course. Just come and listen and ask questions.

The course is offered in Vancouver, Calgary and Toronto.

Timing: 1:00 pm until 5.30 pm
Course description:
Working in the wine industry is not only a great way to spend your life, but it's also full of business opportunities. This course looks at how to develop a career in the wine industry and how to make money. We examine the business of owning and running a vineyard. We look at producing wine, and the various options for doing that, including building a winery. Costs and financial breakdowns are provided. Strategies are discussed.

We then get into the distribution side, and look at starting an agency as well as working for an agency. We provide contact details and a stepped approach to help you achieve your goals. We also look at starting a retail store, and working in one.

We examine what's involved in working in a whole variety of professions in the wine industry, along with approximate salaries. Viticulturalist, Winemaker, Sales Manager and rep, Export Director, Retailer and other roles. We discuss education paths to ensure you are qualified in all these fields.

Throughout the day we discuss business opportunities in the vast number of niches in the industry  that are often unexplored and offer great potential for profit.