WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits - Online

Fine Vintage has an international reputation as one of the leading providers of WSET courses. We won “International Educator of the Year” in 2012, which essentially means we awarded by the WSET as best wine school in the world.

We are pleased to offer you the option of taking the Level 2 course online. Sometimes it is just not feasible for people to attend one of our in-person courses, whether it is because you live far away or your schedule is just too busy. The benefits of taking the Level 2 course online with the WSET UK are:

  • You can study on your own schedule.
  • You get a tutor from the WSET Headquarters to guide you and answer questions.
  • You can obtain the WSET Level 2 Certification. You simply come to the exam session at one of our regularly scheduled Level 2 courses in various Canadian cities.

Upcoming course dates:


Register Level - 2 Online Course Now

Price: $695 including taxes. There are no additional costs. The price includes:

  • Receiving your textbook by courier from Fine Vintage
  • Receiving our own comprehensive list of practice study questions and a recommended wine sample list from Fine Vintage (value add)
  • Experiencing the WSET Level 2 online tuition with an expert instructor from the WSET UK office
  • Attending the examination at a Level 2 Fine Vintage course in various Canadian cities
  • Receiving your WSET certificate upon successful completion (our pass rate is 96%!)

Course length: The Level 2 is a 5 week online course. Each week consists of a series of online classes designed by the WSET UK and activities guided by WSET UK tutor, and enhanced by group discussion. A timed feedback test is provided at the end of each week for students to practice for the exam.

  • Week 1 – Factors Influencing Style, Quality & Price, food & wine pairing
  • Week 2 – White Grape Varieties
  • Week 3 – Black Grape Varieties
  • Week 4 – Sparkling Wines, Sweet Wines, Spirits & Liqueurs
  • Week 5 – Review and Mock Exam

Tastings: Students are given a list of 8 general styles of wines to find, buy and taste. Fine Vintage supplements that by providing you with an extensive list of wines we normally taste at our in-person courses, so you have the option of enhancing your tastings even more, which is another value-add that we include. During the online course there is discussion about the Level 2 tasting technique with your tutor from England.

Study times: Importantly, the course has NO fixed study times so students may plan their studies to suit themselves. It is recommended to allocate 6 hours per week to study.

How does it work?

Step 1: You select the online course dates that you want, we register you with the WSET UK and they provide you with a link to their online course and access to their tutors. Following that, you can sit the exam at one of our locations in Canada. Please click on the "register now" button below to see all available dates:

Register Level - 2 online course now
Step 2: You register on our website and pay the non-refundable fee of $695 including tax.

Step 3: When you register you select an exam date that works for you in any one of several Canadian cities where we regularly run the Level 2 course. Any changes to this exam date must be made more than 3 weeks prior to the exam or no change will be allowed.

Step 4: We courier you the textbook and email you the list of practice questions, plus our in-person course wine logs, (you will need to buy 8 wines total for the course, totalling between $300 and $2000 – at your discretion) for your review.

Step 5: The WSET emails you directly 1-2 days before the official start date of the course with logins.

Step 6: You enjoy the online course over the 5 scheduled weeks with your tutor.

Step 7: To take the exam you come to the classroom on the date you selected and you join the rest of the class to write the exam. The exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions and you have 1 hour to complete it. The addresses of our exam locations are on our website, along with maps.

Step 8: We send the exams to London and you receive your grade and formal WSET certificate approximately 6-8 weeks later from us.

Note: The exams take place at 4.00 pm on the last day of a Level 2 full day course (9.30am- 5.30 pm), or at 7.30 pm on the last evening of a 9 week course. You must take the exam within 1 year of finishing the online course. Also, you MUST give us 3 weeks’ notice before the exam date if for any reason you need to change your exam date otherwise we cannot accept changes.


You’ll need to go out and buy some wines yourself, or with friends, and do some tastings at home. You can study when you want on your own schedule, and it’s a very doable course that is lots of fun and absolutely fascinating. That’s why we offer it. We currently only offer the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines in an online format. So register now and get your WSET Level 2!

Note: the fee for this course is 100% non-refundable and non-transferable. Our policy for this course is different from our in-person courses. Also, you do not need to buy any wine glasses for this course.