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A gift for a dinner host. Red or white?

A gift for a dinner host. Red or white?

I’d go for sparkling wine. It’s fun, thoughtful, and always a hit. You can buy Spanish Cava for under $20, or step up to a California sparkler made by a Champagne house for around $25. Then you’ll be the hero who brought over “the champagne”! Of course you could always bring the real thing, which is always appreciated and noted.

Otherwise, I’d say the safest bet is to go with white wine, mainly because most whites can be drunk without food and they often tend to complement starters. A Sancerre, a white Burgundy, a Sonoma Chardonnay, or something fairly classic is likely to be well-received. I’d be cautious about showing up with an obscure Greek white wine and then having to explain just how amazing it is. Might be, might not… so play it safe.

Obviously reds are an option. But who knows what’s on the menu. Again, I’d stick to classic regions and mainstream grapes. Save the Croatian vino for your own experimentation at home.

Another wine to consider buying would be a bottle of LBV Port, which cost between $20 and $35. A bottle of Port, some chocolate or Stilton cheese, and you just brought over dessert. To learn more about the wonderful world of wine take a course from us at