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The Hong Kong wine market & the Commanderie de Bordeaux

I lived in Hong Kong for 16 years. For another 10 years after that I went there to sell Bordeaux wine. I love the place. It will always feel like home.

Today, it’s the hub of the Asian wine market. It’s home to a large number of incredibly sophisticated consumers. And these wine lovers can have massive spending power. Yes, Hong Kong has become the capital of the fine wine auction market and the sales results are off the charts. Did I just read that someone spent almost US$480,000 on 12 bottles of DRC? There’s a saying “only in Hong Kong”.

Consumer wealth takes on a whole new meaning in HK because people live to work, they live to make money, and then they spend it lavishly. Expensive cars are the norm on the streets, mega-yachts adorn the marinas, and the ladies that lunch look like they’ve been decorated for Christmas. Sparkle sparkle… and surely a good girl deserves a $16,000 Hermes handbag under the tree, right honey?

I was very fortunate to make an agreement with a fantastic HK importer back in 1994, that still lasts today. But to woo this company we had to put on one of our fancy events, showcasing 40 year verticals of our own chateaux. But when you don’t have a good contact network in the local trade, and you’ve no idea who the movers and shakers are, then you need to find someone to help you. So I contacted the Grand Maître of The Commanderie de Bordeaux, HK Chapter.

The Commanderies have been set-up by the CIVB in Bordeaux (the HQ that oversees everything) with the mission of promoting the regions wines. There are many Commanderies around the world, in a lot of major cities. The people that run these satellite “chapters”, like the one in HK, do it for free, because they love Bordeaux wines. The Grand Maitre is usually a successful businessman who knows the Bordeaux chateaux very well and visits them every year for his personal interest. Its basically his hobby and pleasure.

If you contact the Grand Maitre they will often take the time to explain the market, give you tips and contacts details of the key players, make some calls on your behalf, and possibly help organize an event to assist you to market your wines. And so we did. The Commanderie gave us a guest list of media, importers and influencers and we put on a stunning tasting.

But there was one issue with getting people to come out to our event in this bustling metropolis, which was diplomatically broached during the event planning lunch. The Grand Maitre leaned towards me and said, wincing, “some people simply won’t drink anything unless it is a 1st growth. Lafite is their house wine. Any chance you could bring some of that too?”

And so we did, and people came, and we got our importer, and then a few more importers in the years following that. And it was largely thanks to the Commanderie, which is an excellent organization and a superb model that other wine regions should consider following more seriously.

In the last 20 years, since the import tax on wine was dramatically reduced in landmark legislation, the number of importers has exploded. The range of wines on offer is huge. The wine lists at the top restaurants are as thick as bibles and there is a thirst for the very finest vintages. There are more WSET schools on this small island than in most large countries, and combined with China is does the largest volume of WSET exams in the world after the UK.

There are 2 resident MW’s. My pen pal and superstar Debra Meiburg, who is the most amazing woman that I’ve never met (except for 10 seconds at our MW graduation the same year). And then Jeannie Cho Lee, whose productivity is startling. Singapore Airlines, Decanter, books, etc… you guys make me feel lazy. Take a holiday guys!

So Hong Kong is one of the capitals of the wine world. And it’s all set to continue to get stronger and stronger as time goes on. And that’s why we started a wine industry recruitment site there, just in case you want a job