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Schramsberg bubbly 05 Blanc de Blanc

The holidays are in full swing and we spent 3 fantastic days in Whistler. Chocolate fondue was the highlight at The Fairmont Cha;et restaurant – a must do in Whistler.

Today was Xmas shopping for Mum, with the kids adiving on all purchasing decisions. When we got home they immeditaley told her what some of her presents were (clothes) and when I tried to cut them off they said it wasn’t a problem because she didn’t know “the style” of the clothes…

Dad capped off the day with some Schrambersberg Blanc de Blanc 05. Very good wine. The texture of the mousse is so important in bubbly and this had nice creamy bubbles and a smooth texture and a clean finish. In fact, I can still taste it now after 30 minutes so make that “excellent” quality!

Merry Xmas to all.


Took Max (5) to school, did “noisy” reading with him in the classroom, started working, spoke to a winemaker in the Okanagan about hiring him to help me fix a problem, then spoke to the owner of the winery about the problems, answered a deluge of emails, went downtown to meet with my new business partner for our new company we’re setting up, met with a lawyer, met with Olaf the cameraman dude re our plans for next year, tasted 8 wines, 2 were corked and 1 was oxidized, did more emails, and had dinner with a lovely bottle of Tantalus Old Vines 07 – I’m addicted to it.

Wine tasting

Tasted through dozens of barrels and tank samples trying to figure out where to sell each one, and at what price.

Some were excellent and some were not, but there is a market for almost every wine at a certain price, even if it is $2 per litre. Question is; how much money do you lose when that same wine could have been sold for $20 if made well….

This is the best project yet, turning a diamond in the rough into one of the best wineries in the Okanagan. Give me 3 years….


Heading to the Okanagan today to work on our new project. We’ll make the final plans for the future of the winery. After that the rest is easy – just got to do it!

The key is to decide on what the terroir is best suited to producing, and then what the market wants to drink, and then what level of quality you’re aiming for. This all has to be documented, tested, challenged, and a financial analysis done.

It’s exciting because of the potential. Stay tuned.

Gould Campbell 1983

I can’t figure out why you would pay over $100 for a young vintage Port when you could buy this outstanding wine that is 26 years old for $86.

It’s still youthful in color, not showing much bricking at the rim, and has delicious flavours of milk chocolate, raisin, pepper, and soft tannins. It’s a must buy for Xmas.

Road 13

Sipping Road 13’s Viognier, Roussanne, Marsanne 2008 – only about 300 cases made and might not be made again for a few years. Delicious! Get it while you can.

Skied with Alexis on Cypress today, 3rd day on the hill this year. She loves the jumps! Max races down the mountain too – at 5 years old enough to give me a heart attack!

Cristom Sommers Pinot 06 the star of the night at our course. Then went for a session with the Olaf, the mad german, working on our videos. Tantalus up in a few days.