Resources and Links

We have put together a list of useful wine resources for you to use:

Books - Basic to Advanced

  • Oxford Companion to Wine (3rd Edition)
    Jancis Robinson
    Oxford University Press, 2006

  • World Atlas of Wine (5th Edition)
    Hugh Johnson & Jancis Robinson
    Mitchell Beazley, 2001

  • Essential Winetasting
    Michael Schuster
    Mitchell Beazley, 2006

  • Understanding Wine Technology (2nd Edition)
    David Bird
    DBQA Publishing, 2005

  • Art and Science of Wine
    James Halliday & Hugh Johnson
    Mitchell Beazley, 2006

  • Vintners Art
    Hugh Johnson
    Simon & Schuster, 1992

  • Knowing & Making Wine
    Emile Peynaud
    John Wiley & Sons, 1984
  • The New France (2nd Edition)
    Andrew Jefford
    Mitchell Beazley, 2006

Books - Wine and Food Pairing

  • What to Drink with What you Eat
    Andrew Dornenburg
    Bullfinch Press, 2006

  • Wine with Food
    Joanna Simon
    Simon & Schuster, 1997

  • Perfect Pairings
    Evan Goldstein
    University of California Press, 2006

Wine Magazines

Daily wine news services - the sites below provide daily emails summarizing events in the world of wine

Wine regions


For even more resources have a look at this comprehensive list that Michael McCoy has compiled.