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Wine Club


It's very simple. You give us your email address and we send you offers. If you like the sound of the wine then you reply and say "gimme some".

How often do we send offers? It's totally sporadic. We only email when we have found something truly amazing, in terms of both quality and price. We want you to love us, so the wine has to blow your socks off.

You'll get offers for all types and styles of wine. There's no theme. Sometimes it's a single wine, other times we may get creative and put together a lovely mixture.

Our offers are only valid for a few days after you get them, or till the wine is sold out. Your payment is processed and your wine gets shipped from the winery or retailer within a few days.

The first time you order we reconfirm your delivery address and get a credit card. The amazing Carol Masters will take care of your every need. We ship to most states in the USA, and in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario.

So, nothing to lose. You'll be able to buy some amazing wines at awesome deals, and it's all a lot of fun and very, very easy.


James Cluer, Master of Wine