Fine Vintage is one of the best wine school organizations in the world. In 2012 we won The Riedel trophy for WSET Educator of the Year which is the most sought-after award amongst wine schools. We compete against over 500 other schools around the world, and won based on our student’s results, the quality of the courses we run, our size and growth, our administrative efficiency, and several other factors.

Additionally, our courses are endorsed by The University of British Columbia and we have won awards with them for Continuing Studies. Therefore, you can be assured that when you take a course from Fine Vintage you are in good hands.

Jancis Robinson MW - world's leading wine educator

"When people tell me they want to get into the wine trade, or simply advance their wine knowledge for their personal enjoyment, I always draw their attention to the WSET courses."

Judith Ince - general interest

Like all great teachers, James Cluer's passion for his subject is matched by his encyclopedic knowledge of it. Warm, witty and eloquent, James helps students master the art of tasting, understanding, and appreciating wine. Any student lucky enough to take his courses will drink exceptional wines, learn about them in a relaxed environment, and develop skills to discuss them.

Brianne Bury, Manager, Calibrium Wine Imports

I took all three levels of the WSET courses and successfully passed them all. Working in the wine trade I have met with and worked with many well educated wine experts, but have to say hands down that the Fine Vintage courses are by far the BEST. Not only were the classes extremely thorough, they were fun with a little humor. I would recommend Fine Vintage to anyone and everyone.

Julianne Graham - Calgary

I had the good fortune to have Marnie as an instructor for WSET levels 2 and 3.  I found her to be very professional with an ability to encourage with heart.  Her enthusiasm and passion for wine is infectious and admirable.  She showed tremendous respect for her students and was always willing to make herself available for questions or clarification.  I consider myself one of the lucky ones to have had her as an instructor.

Sarah Mehus - Calgary

I have recently completed the Level 3 WSET course; what an amazing experience!  I have to admit, it had much to do with my instructor Marnie Harfield.  You know how you can always remember that one teacher from school that changed your life?  That's Marnie.  She teaches with such passion and energy it's hard not to be excited to go to class.  I work in the wine retail industry and my confidence has sky rocketed.  Not only is Marnie engaging but she challenges you too, always interested to hear your thoughts.

Michelle Graham - Vancouver

About Lynn Coulthard – Vancouver: There are several other institutions that offer WSET courses and I took a chance and rolled the dice with Fine Vintage, strictly because I loved the passion and expertise that I could feel from the website. I could not have asked for more! Lynn Coulthard was amazing! She was pleasant, friendly, passionate and wise. You could tell she enjoyed what she was doing. She was inspiring to me. Working excessive hours during the week and taking a full day, intensive course downtown was quite difficult and I admit I was exhausted but Lynn had an energy that made me want to succeed and focus. I signed up for Level 2 as soon as I got home! Anyone who is unsure or undecided as to whether they will benefit from this course needs to know, they absolutely will! Loved it! Can't wait to learn more!

Meghan Mallen - Vancouver

I have taken courses from Lynn Coulthard, and was so impressed that a small group of fellow Diploma students hired her to give us private tuition.  Lynn is laid back, very approachable, and she sure knows her stuff.

Ruth Blakely, Edmonton

About David Munro - Edmonton: I came to Fine Vintage for my WSET courses on the recommendation of a friend. As a pretty serious wine geek I skipped level one and enrolled in the level 2 program in Edmonton. If learning was always this much fun I'd be a permanent student. Our instructor, David Munro, was as engaging as he is knowledgeable. The course materials are clear and well laid out - the wines were fantastic. I am not a wine professional but was offered a wine related job almost as soon as I completed my level 2.

WSET level 3 is an order of magnitude more challenging than level 2 and the class had a large percentage of wine professionals in attendance. As with level 2 I was lucky enough to have David Munro lead the class through the pretty deep dive that is level 3 learning. The wines were exceptional and I learned a ton. I was actually quite concerned about the exam due to the volume of material but I did well and I find myself considering the Diploma even though wine remains a hobby and not my career (at least not yet).

I've taken two wine sensory courses with Fine Vintages - one with the extraordinary Alexandre Schmitt, which taught me how to think about aromas differently and another with James Cluer, who brings a wealth of charm and wine knowledge to every class. Connecting my nose and my brain was easier the second time around. I'd recommend these to any serious wine lover without hesitation.

Andrew Cornell, Vancouver

About David Munro – Vancouver: I've now completed levels 1 through 3 of my WSET training with Fine Vintage Ltd. The class times are convenient, even while working full time and the downtown BCIT campus location is easy to get to. The best part about taking any class with Fine Vintage is that everyone is there to learn and everyone is starting with a similar beginner's knowledge. The classes are engaging and fun, FAR from stuffy and pretentious as one might fear. The teachers are happy to answer questions and share their obvious passions for wine, food, travel and culture.

Ryan Fipke, Kelowna

Over the years I have enrolled in a variety of different courses that Fine Vintage has to offer. The Sensory course offered by Fine Vintage has helped me further develop my ability to identify flavors in wine, improve my tasting ability, and focus on the human senses that are used to measure a wine's quality and style. Being an employee at Tantalus vineyards, the completion of WSET level 3 has provided me with the confidence and ability to converse with educated wine enthusiasts. I have recently enrolled in The Business of Wine course that is offered this winter and I look forward to continuing my academic endeavors with Fine Vintage. Fine Vintage has consistently provided the most knowledgeable instructors all of whom have contributed to the development of my skills in the field of viticulture.

Christie Vaughan, Dream Wines, Alberta

About Jenny Book – Calgary: The subject of wine can be an exciting and somewhat overwhelming topic to study. I felt lucky to have Jenny Book and Fine Vintage help navigate and teach me both WSET Level 2 & WSET Level 3. Her passion and ability to teach wine to all levels, from people just picking up their first wine book to industry veterans, is remarkable. Jenny is warm, dedicated and the consummate professional. I would highly recommend taking one of her class through Fine Vintage!

Tara Zenon, Sales Representative, The Delf Group, Alberta

About Jenny Book - Calgary: I'd like to take this opportunity to share a few words with you about my experience taking WSET level 2 with Jenny Book. I have recently made a career transition into the wine industry from the fashion industry. As an adult, and not having been to a class in many years, I was understandably nervous about the class and more importantly, the exam.

From the very first class with Jenny, much of that anxiety melted. I could easily see that I would be learning from someone extremely educated with the skill to pass on her knowledge in a very comprehensible way. As the classes progressed, it was clear that my first impressions were correct. Jenny was engaging, a wealth of knowledge, interesting to listen to and overall, just a fun energetic teacher. She prepared the class extremely well for the exam and that I can confidently share on behalf of each of my classmates.

As a result, I am happy to say that I am WSET level 2 certified and am working towards my level 3. I had no intention of taking level 3 however I also need to add that it is by the encouragement of Jenny that I am pursuing the next level. Thank-you Jenny!

The best result however, is that since taking the class, I have advanced my career within the wine industry and absolutely love it!

Vanessa Rich, Toronto

About David Lawrason - Toronto: I had the pleasure of attending the WSET Level 2 Award in Wines and Spirits with David Lawrason in May of 2014. The course provides an excellent overview of the major wine regions and styles, and also allowed me to build on my wine tasting knowledge using the WSET method. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wishes to deepen their wine and spirits knowledge and learn to taste and appreciate wine in a professional context.

Paul Adams, Solina, Ontario

About David Lawrason – Toronto: The WSET Level 2 presented by Fine Vintage Limited exceeded my expectations. The classroom setting, materials and instruction were first class. I found the content for the three day course of instruction intense, but upon reflection, I received far more value, knowledge and confidence from the course than anticipated. The wines selected for sampling were superb and quite fitting to clearly demonstrate the region, terroir and varietal influences. Lastly, David Lawrason is skilled at teaching tasting techniques truly demonstrating wines with balance and complexity relating again to the region, terroir and varietal influences in the WSET 2 content.

If you want to know more about wine, why not sign up for a WSET course that's recognized by the world's top wine experts? The Wine and Spirit Education Trust (WSET) is a London-based program offered in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Victoria, Kelowna, Penticton, Yukon, Las Vegas, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, San Diego and the Napa Valley through Fine Vintage Ltd. The instructors include some of the best-known names in the wine industry. Wine courses by Fine Vintage Ltd are available in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Illinois, Florida, Nevada and California.