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Fresh, lively wines raised by music
Like a good movie director, Michal Mosny, winemaker at Winemaker’s CUT, thoughtfully considers how to interpret and tell the story of each Okanagan vintage. And the soundtrack doesn’t just play an important role – it’s part of the story. Classical music is played throughout the vineyard and cellar, positively affecting the health of the vines. If you don’t believe Michal, there’s no shortage of scientific research to back his claim.

Michal has a clear vision for the wines, picking early to emphasize freshness and lower alcohol levels. In the cellar, it’s about transparency: indigenous yeasts, little new oak, and low levels of sulphites. The result is light, delicate wines with an Old World sensibility, which are incredibly versatile at the dinner table. These wines are typically found in top restaurants throughout British Columbia, and sell out quickly. But over the past year, Michal has been quick to adapt and has made the wines available directly to consumers. At least for the time being. So, don’t wait to try his critically acclaimed wines through this exclusive six-pack, featuring four whites and two reds.


Winemaker Michal Mosny

Mixed 6-bottle case of Winemaker’s CUT wines

Only $150.78 plus tax and including complimentary shipping across Canada


by ATS – within 5-7 business days of purchase

All wines are sold and shipped by the participating wineries. Due to the current state of Canadian interprovincial shipping laws, wineries may not ship to all provinces. A winery may not accept your order if you reside in a province to which they do not ship.


Winemaker’s CUT

“Originally from Slovakia, my wife and I, we packed our passion for wine and with our knowledge and experience and we readied ourselves for new opportunities and new experiences.

After years behind the scenes as the winemaker for a number of labels we made the commitment, my wife and I, to create our dream: the Winemaker`s CUT, producing wines that were true to us, true to what we love and producing wines that honoured our beliefs in playing classical music in our vineyard and cellar, naturally farmed vineyards and our expectations of quality through traditional harvesting and winemaking methods.

Winemaker’s CUT meant a host of things to us subjectively. It spoke to finally stepping from behind the scenes and making our dream a reality. It was a piece of us, and our opportunity to capture and share a moment exactly as we saw it. It was the opportunity to make the calls for ourselves, like a director’s cut, to share our unique point of view – our styling and blending of an Okanagan wine.”

– Winemaker Michael Mosny

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